Ghana Chamber of Mines Tertiary Education Fund (GCM-TEF) gives Research Awards to Staff and Postgraduate Students

Ghana Chamber of Mines Tertiary Education Fund (GCM-TEF) gives Research Awards to Staff and Postgraduate Students


The Ghana Chamber of Mines Tertiary Education Fund (GCM-TEF) has given research awards to three (3) Faculty Members and seven (7) Postgraduate Students at the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT).  The awards were to undertake various researches to support the development of the mining industry in particular and the country as a whole.  The Faculty Members received a total amount of GH¢173, 246.00 (USD29, 870) while seven Postgraduate Students were awarded GH¢170, 359.92 (USD 29, 372.4).

Addressing the awardees, the Chairman of the Chamber, Mr Stephen Kofi Ndede said that he was confident that the approved research topics would be carried out in the various mining companies within the Chamber’s membership and would help bring improvements, reduce cost and enhance productivity for member companies.

He noted that the Governing Board partnered with the Chamber’s Technical Committee to review all applications received through a very tight and rigorous screening process and said that the industry supervisors would be assigned to the postgraduate researchers to ensure mutual benefits between industry and academia.

“Being the first recipients of the research grant support under the Fund, the University and Chamber have high expectations of you. We are looking forward to see the outcome of your research and how it would impact the mining industry” Mr Ndede indicated.

He implored the beneficiaries to put the funds into judicious use and ensure transparency and accountability.

The occasion was also used to launch the “Smart Board Technology” to aid teaching and learning.  The total cost of the equipment, worth GH¢173, 871.62, equivalent to USD 29, 977.87, was to bring UMaT close to its vision of becoming the center of excellence in Africa for the training of world-class professionals.

The Chairman entreated management of the University to ensure planned maintenance of the equipment to prolong its life span so that students would derive optimum benefit from it.

Professor Anthony Simons, Pro Vice-Chancellor of UMaT, thanked the Ghana Chamber of Mines Tertiary Education Fund for the kindness and added that, he was optimistic that the beneficiaries of the research awards would put it to good use to motivate the Chamber to always support UMaT to improve teaching and learning as well as expand the frontiers of research.

The Dean of the School of Post-graduate Studies, Professor Grace Ofori-Sarpong, on her part said that with the Smart Board Technology, there will not be any impediment to anybody who wants to study at UMaT.

She expressed appreciation to the Governing Board for the good work they were doing to promote education in UMaT.

On behalf of the Awardees, Professor William Buah promised to work hard and come out with findings that would help develop the industry further.

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