Intellectual Property & Ethics

The Intellectual Property (IP) Unit is under ORIC

Intellectual Property Unit

The Intellectual Property Unit serves as the primary contact for innovators/inventors with regards to the University’s Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology Transfer activities. The Unit is managed by a Desk Officer who liaises with staff and student innovators/inventors, Faculty Intellectual Property Committees and the University Intellectual Property Committee to implement the institution’s IP Policy and by extension, engages entrepreneurs, industry, government agencies, investors, etc. on IP matters.

University Intellectual Property Committee (UIPC)

The University Intellectual Property Committee (UIPC) is vested with the interpretation of the IP policy and grievance resolution arising from the normal activities of students, staff and any other person engaged by the University. The UIPC performs this role in conjunction with the Legal Unit of the University.


Membership of UIPC

  • Pro Vice Chancellor (Chairperson)
  • Dean, Office of Research, Innovation and Consultancy (Member)
  • Deans of Academic Faculties (Member)
  • Dean, School of Post Graduate Studies (Member)
  • Dean, Planning and Quality Assurance Unit (Member)
  • Registrar or Representative not below the rank of Deputy Registrar (Member)
  • Desk Officer, Intellectual Property Unit (Secretary)

Membership of the UREC

The UREC has the overall responsibility of developing, implementing and monitoring research ethics in the University.

  • Dean of Office of Research, Innovation and Consultancy (Chairperson)
  • Dean of School of Post Graduate Studies (Member)
  • Chairs of Faculty Research Ethics Committee (Member)
  • Dean of Planning and Quality Assurance Unit (Member)
  • Registrar’s representative not below the rank of Assistant Registrar (Secretary)

Membership of FREC

The Faculty of Research Ethics Committee (FREC) has the responsibility of reviewing all research projects involving human and non-human subjects in the faculty.

  • Dean of Faculty (Chairman)
  • Two Professorial Members (Member)
  • Two Non-Professorial Members (Member)
  • Head of Department of the Principal Investigator (Member)
  • Faculty Officer not below the rank of Assistant Registrar (Secretary)


The University of Mines and Technology (UMaT) holds the view that good research assumes ethical acceptability according to internationally acceptable norms and this responsibility lies with every person conducting research under the auspices of UMaT. The Ethics Policy establishes the fundamental principles of research and scientific integrity which serves as the foundation for research conducted in the University. Currently, there are two committees, namely University Research Ethics Committee and Faculty Research Ethics Committee that ensure that the respect, right, and general wellbeing of participants are protected.